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The Canadian Charitable Annuity Association (CCAA) is a voluntary association of charitable organizations and institutions interested in and/or involved in the issuing of Charitable Gift Annuities.

The CCAA works cooperatively with its members to set standards, self monitors the ethical and technical aspects of charitable fund-raising, specifically relating to charitable gift annuities, and mutually shares its representation to government.

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The principal objectives of the organization are to provide education & information to both the member organizations as well as the public.

It also serves to establish & monitor ethical & financial standards that reflect the requirements of the Canada Income Tax Act for receiving donations through gift annuities, life income gift plans and other forms of charitable gifts as a form of protection for the public.

The CCAA plays a central role in representing its members to Canada Revenue Agency, the Federal government and provincial regulatory authorities.



Although the Canadian Charitable Annuity Association (CCAA) is operated entirely by volunteers who are associated with the member organizations, we welcome your comments and questions.

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For a charity to remain a member in good standing, the charity must adhere to the ethics and standards of conduct of the Association. These include an annual review by the CCAA, and every three years each charity must have its annuity balances, reserves and investments audited by an actuary to confirm to the association that the charity is in good financial standing in order to fulfill all obligations for the lifetime of all annuitants.

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What is a charitable annuity?
A Charitable Gift Annuity Agreement is an arrangement whereby an individual or individuals make an irrevocable gift to a charitable organization in return for which they receive a guaranteed, regular annual income for life. In the case of a self-insured annuity, the balance remaining from the original principal of the annuity is used to support the work of the charity following the death of the annuitant, or in the case of a joint agreement, the death of the surviving annuitant.

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