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The Canadian Charitable Annuity Association (CCAA) is a voluntary association of charitable organizations and institutions interested in and/or involved in the issuing of Charitable Gift Annuities.

The principal objectives of the organization are to provide:

The CCAA plays a central role in representing its members to Canada Revenue Agency, the Federal government and provincial regulatory authorities. It sets standards for the industry, makes representations to government on the direction of tax law and the development of regulations governing charitable gift products.


Established in 1989, the CCAA was constituted as a non profit corporation that allowed its members to further donor support through gift annuities, life income gift plans and other forms of charitable gifts.

The CCAA works cooperatively with its members to set standards, self monitors the ethical and technical aspects of charitable fund-raising, specifically relating to charitable gift annuities, and mutually shares its representation to government.

The Association grew out of the Canadian Association on Charitable Gift Annuities. Charitable Gift Annuities have been issued throughout Canada since the early 1900's. Historically, religious charities have used this unique method of fundraising. More recently universities, colleges, hospitals and social services agencies have begun to issue charitable gift annuities. Growing out of an informal association since the early 1980's, the CCAA was formally constituted in 1989.


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